Sensei Garry O’Neill opens dojo in Brisbane

Log for Garry O'Neill Dojo Kyokushin Karate Brisbane

Great news for all Kyokushin students in Brisbane and Australia! Sensei Garry O’Neill, Australia’s best Kyokushin tournament fighters, has opened his own dojo in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It has been a long time coming, with Sensei Garry O’Neill last running the Kyokushin Brisbane dojo 8 years ago.

Sensei Garry has had well over 20 years training in Kyokushin, including years as an uchi deshi (live in student) here in Australia, and Japan. He also has been a honbu instructor whilst in Japan. Not to mention Sensei Garry Oneill’s tournament history, dominating in Australia, his battles in Japan with Kazumi Hajime, and additionally his 4th place in the World Tournament which is an open weight division tournament. With Garry only being a middleweight, this showed his amazing Kyokushin abilities.

Sensei Garry has returned to the Petrie Terrace location where he ran the Kyokushin Brisbane dojo through the early 2000s. It is a fantastic dojo and has been improved since it was last used for Kyokushin, so it is a fitting place for Sensei Garry to establish Kyokushin in Brisbane going forward.

More information can be found at the O’Neill Dojo’s website –

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