All Japan Weight Category Draw 2013

The draw for the 30th All Japan Weight Category tournament is now out.

There are two Australian fighters taking part – Sensei Steven Cujic from So-honbu/Cujic Kyokushin Sydney and Shaune O’Farrell from Brisbane.

Sensei Steven is placed as the number 2 seed for the division after his 4th placing at the World Weight tournament earlier this year. A tough match in his first round as he meets a much younger and heavier fighter from Kagoshima, Hirayama.

Shaune has been unlucky to draw Sempai Goro Honda from the Kokubunji dojo. Sempai Goro has been a good friend to New Zealand kyokushin and Australia too, so it was unlucky for them to meet in the first round.

With Japan’s biggest fighters out of this tournament, it leaves a chance for their up and coming fighters to gain some ground. Looking forward to another great tournament.

Click on the following link to see the draws:
30th All Japan Weight Category Draws

Good luck to all the fighters!

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2013 Kyokushin 5th World Weight Category Draw

The draw is out for the 2013 Kyokushin World Weight Category tournament and the South Pacific team has a tough road ahead of them.

Here are the Australian and New Zealand Kyokushin fighters first round draws for the April tournament and quick review of their opponent.


6. Alex Molev vs 5. Naoya Kimura (Japan) – 21 years, 1st Dan

Naoya Kumura is an up and coming Japanese fighter who will prove very tought to beat. He placed 2nd in the 29th All Japan Weight category last year.

10. Robert Struthers vs 9. Eldar Ismailov (Ukraine) – 18 years, 1st Dan

Very young but full of potential. Eldar Ismailov came 2nd in the Open Weight Ukrain Championships last year. He then went on in December to win the European Junior championships.


19. Thelvin Cabezas vs 20. Lucian Gogonel (France) – 41 years, 3rd Dan

Although Lucian Gogonel is aging this will still be a very tough fight for Thelvin being that Lucian Gogonel was the 2005 3rd World Weight Category Lightweight champion. From there he went on to place 1st in Heavyweight division of European Championships in 2006 and 2007, not to mention 2nd places in the Open Weight European tournament in 2007 and 2008.

26. Jesse Connolly vs 25. Igor Titkov (Russia) – 30 years, 3 Dan

Igor Titkov is the 2012, 2010, 2009 Russian Middleweight champion, in addition to finishing in top 8 of All Japan Open weight championship before.


34. Reece Henderson vs 33. Darmen Sadvokasov (Russia) – 30 years, 3rd Dan

Darmen Sadvokasav from Russia finished 4th in the 9th World Tournament (2007) and 4th in last year’s 44th All Japan Kyokushin tournament. A very tough fight for Reece indeed.

43. Anthony Tockar vs 44. Daiki Kobayashi (Japan) – 21 years, 2nd Dan

Daiki Kobayashi has been having strong performances with top 8 finishes in the All Japan Open tournaments and America’s cup. Not to mention his first place in last year’s 29th All Japan Weight Category tournament.

Super Heavyweight

58. Carlos Castro vs 52. Nicolai Davidov (Russia) – 26 years, 2nd Dan

Nikolai Davydov finished 6th at the 2011 10th World Open Tournament. An extremely tough fight for Carlos Castro in the first round.

56. Steven Cujic vs 59. Mark Berg (Canada) – 25 years, 2nd Kyu

Mark Berg has been a strong competitor in North American tournaments with several 2nd place finishes in the Super Heavyweight Division.

Provided below are the full draws of the tournament!

5th World Weight Category 2013 – Light Weight Draw

5th World Weight Category 2013 – Middleweight Draw

5th World Weight Category 2013 – Heavyweight Draw

5th World Weight Category 2013 – Super Heavyweight Draw

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Shimamoto Yuuji – Shinkyokushin 44th All Japan Champion

Men’s Division

Congratulations to Shimamoto Yuuji, this years winner of the Shinkyokushin 44th All Japan!

Yuuji beat out Shimamoto Hazufumi in the final with a jab to the chest which resulted in an ippon victory. It was all silent in the crowd as it seemed they couldn’t quite work out what had happened. The replays confirmed it though and the crowd responded when Yuuji indicated his plan to take out the World cup next year. Again, well done Shimamoto Yuuji on your victory!

Shimamoto Yuuji’s victory capped off a great day for Shinkyokushin fans who were treated to a spectacular demonstration from World Champion Norichika Tsukamoto who performed Seinchin kata followed by baseball bat breaks of his favourite techniques including his famed roll kick.

1st – Shimamoto Yuuji (島本雄二)
2nd – Shimamoto Hazufumi (島本一二三)
3rd – Katou Daiki (加藤大喜)
4th – Mori Kenta (森健太)
5th – Maeda Shouda (前田勝汰)
6th – Suzuki Kunihiro (鈴木国博)
7th – Shoudachi Yuuta (将口祐太)
8th – Iriki Kenbu (入来建武)

Tameshiwari – Shimamoto Yuuji – 19 boards

Also worth mentioning in the Men’s division was Norichika Tsukamoto great opponent from the 1996 6th World Tournament, Suzuki Kunihiro, who make it through to the top 8 and placed 6th. A massive effort at the age of 42. Receiving his 6th place certificate he was all smiles – more so than Shimamoto Yuuji as champion! Will he ever stop fighting??

As for the oldest competitor in the men’s tournament that was taken out by Yoshioka Satoshi at 52!

Female Division

The winner of the Open weight female tournament was Shouguchi Eri. Congratulations!

27 females came out today and took place in what was a great female open weight division. Open weight women’s is a super tough event with the lightest fighter being 48kg and the heaviest at 75kg so the wearing of shin pads in addition to chest protectors was required at this event.

Well done to all participants!

First place – Shouguchi Eri (将口恵美)
Second place – Yokoyama Noriko (横山紀子)
Third place – Mizuno Nene (水野寧々)
Fourth Place – Tanioka Nahoko (谷岡菜穂子)

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All Japan Press Interview

Video of the press interview with Japanese fighters on the 10/10/2012 on the upcoming 44th All Japan.

Kancho discusses that Japanese fighters only have a maximum of 40% change of winning… very interesting indeed. Lets see how things pan out next weekend!

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Shinkyokushin All Japan live on Youtube (新極真会)

Shinkyokushin will be streaming their 44th All Japan Tournament Live on Youtube. Great news for all Kyokushin Australia fans as it is a great chance to watch your Kyokushin heros fight in Japan without having to wait for the DVD!

Youtube – Day 1 Live Link – Valid for 27/10/2012

Youtube – Day 2 Live Link – Valid for 28/10/2012

The 44th All Japan Open Karate Tournament

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Artur Hovhannisyan to visit Australia in December

Sensei Artur Hovhannisyan, the Armenia powerhouse, will be coming to Australia in December this year. Sensei Artur is currently employed at honbu of International Karate Organisation Kyokushinkaikan.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Kyokushin Australia practitioners to meet the great fighter and hopefully learn and see his training techniques first hand.

More details to come.

Notable Finishes
9th World Tournament (2007) – 3rd Place
23rd All Japan – 3rd Place
European Championships 2005 – 1st Place

100 Man Kumite
In 2009 Sensei Arthur completed the 100 man kumite in Honbu, Japan. Youtube Video Link

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Sensei Garry O’Neill returns to the matt at the New Zealand Kyokushin National Tournament

Perhaps Australia’s best full contact fighter, Sensei Garry O’Neill, returned to the matt at this year’s New Zealand Nationals, taking part in a special one match exhibition match against the New Zealand Heavyweight champion and now kick boxer, James Eades.

Hosted by Shihan Chris Gower, the New Zealand Kyokushin Nationals for 2012 took place on the 11th of September at the iconic Westpac Stadium, located in the city of Wellington. In addition to the typical kata and kumite divisions Shihan Chris included the Karate Games which is an innovative format for children which encourages participation and is made up of such events as point sparring, kata, sumo and tameshiwari (board breaking).

With over 160 competitors from across New Zealand in addition to participants from Australia and Japan, the event was a massive highlighting the strength of Kyokushin in New Zealand and the hard work put in by Shihan Chris’s organising committee.

In the men’s kumite the Australia fighters performed well with fighters from the North Bondi dojo taking out the men’s heavyweight, and super heavyweight divisions and placing second in the lightweight division. Sensei Garry has been a regular guest instructor at the North Bondi dojo under the guidance of Shihan Trevor Tocker, assisting the North Bondi fighters in their fight preparation. It paid dividends for the fighters with Reece Henderson from North Bondi taking out the Yokozuna (grand champion) title for the tournament.

The highlight of the day though was of course the one match event, 3 x 2 minute rounds, featuring Sensei Garry O’Neill. The crowd closed in on the matt in anticipation of witnessing Sensei Garry’s return to the matt after a 9 year break.

A shake of the hands and Shihan Chris Gower got the match started. Within a few seconds it was obvious that Sensei Garry had not lost anything over the years, landing several axe kicks and almost landing his famous spinning back kick. James knew that he had to keep his guard up for the rest of the match.

The crowd cheered as Sensei Garry moved around the matt with the “Garry step” landing punches and kicks catching Jamie off guard. The same impeccable timing which lead Sensei Garry to the top 5 in the 1995 World Tournament.

Although it wasn’t only one way traffic, with Eades pushing hard with strong rips, knees and low kicks, showing why he was New Zealand champion for the past years and now a successful kick boxer.
The match continued with Sensei Garry demonstrating his strong movement based style enabling him to move around the larger fighter and force James off balance and pushing him back into the crowd even though Sensei Garry was giving up over 15kg. A principle of Sensei Garry’s style is to strike when the opposition is moving and not grounded.

After 3 rounds of great fighting Shihan Chris declared the match a draw which led to a massive cheer from the New Zealand audience and big smiles across both fighter’s faces, a successful return to the matt for Sensei Garry and a great experience for Jamie.

Jamie summed it up in an interview with the local TV sport show, The Crowd Goes Wild, saying “Kyokushin is all about getting a hiding and then having someone pick you back up, give you a hiding, pick you back up then give you another hiding and then tell you you did good.”

With Sensei Garry returning to Kyokushin and opening his own dojo in Brisbane we can expect to see more big things from him in the Australia martial arts community. The dojo is open for classes Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and is a great opportunity to learn Kyokushin from a master technician.

Additionally Sensei Garry will be hosting a seminar on the 22nd September open to all people, giving you the opportunity to learn new karate and fighting skills that will enhance all aspects of your karate. Further information is available via the O’Neill Kyokushin Brisbane Dojo’s website –

Youtube video footage of Sensei Garry’s fight below:

Garry O’Neill vs Jamie Eades – Round 1 and 2

Garry O’Neill vs Jamie Eades – Round 3

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Garry O’Neill to host Seminar in September

Have you ever watched Sensei Garry O’Neill fight and wondered how he constantly defeated opponents who were much heavier than him? Ever want to reproduce his moving, his weight transfer, his technique, his ring craft? Well here is your chance…

Sensei Garry O’Neill is hosting a training seminar Saturday 22nd September 2012 in Brisbane!!

This is a great chance to learn some of Sensei Garry’s philosophy and training techniques – having attended his sessions before – you walk away with a deeper understanding of technique and ways to improve your karate and striking in general. If you train in Kyokushin in Brisbane or any other form of karate or actually if you want to improve your moving or striking skills for any form of martial art you will really benefit from his seminar.

Further Information:

Spend the morning training with Sensei Garry O’Neill and learn new karate and fighting skills that will enhance all aspects of your karate.

Time: 8:30AM to 11:00 AM
Place: O’Neill Dojo, 146 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane
Cost: $25
Registration: via O’Neill dojo website –

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Garry O’Neill to fight One Match in New Zealand!

Sensei Garry O'Neill in action at the America's Cup

It has been confirmed that Sensei Garry O’Neill will be fighting in a One Match challenge at the 2012 New Zealand IKO National tournament August 11th this year. It will be an exhibition match.

He will be fighting against Sempai Goro Honda from Japan who is a Top 8 All Japan Weight fighter.

Sensei Garry placed 4th in the World in the 1995 open weight world tournament and then placed second in the All Japan open weight tournament in 1996 and 1997. These were extraordinary feats considering that he was only a middleweight at the time at around 75kg, fighting in open weight tournaments where he was giving up 20kgs in some fights. He was able to use his technical skill and the “Garry Step” to defeat his opponents.

Sensei Garry now operates his own dojo in Brisbane, Australia –

This will be the first time Sensei Garry has fought in Kyokushin since 2003 and a great opportunity to see him in action and learn from a great Kyokushin technician.

The event will be held at the Westpac Stadium, Wellington, New Zealand on 11th of August. Doors open at 8:30am and the One Match should be on around 2:30pm.

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Congratulations Zahari Damyanov – American Open 2012 Winner

Congratulations to Zahari Damyanov

Congratulations to Zahari Damyanov from Bulgaria, winner of the 2012 Kyokushin All American Karate Open tournament.

Damyanov face Kapanadze in the final, who had been fighting very strong during the day. The first round saw tough close fighting with Damyanov not giving Kapanadze much room to execute his leg kicks. Although some had gotten through and had started to take their toll on Damyanov. At the end of round 1 score was 2-0, and it went another extension.

The tables turned in round 2 as Damyanov’s inside leg kicks started to catch Kapanadze, dropping him several times, and it became visible that Kapanadze was in trouble. Last 30 seconds and Damyanov dominated, moving well and throwing a incredible amount of techniques, as Kapanadze was caught unable to return fire and when time was up it was 5-0 to the winner, Zahari Damyanov

This makes it 2 years in a row for Zahari Damyanov at the American Open. Well done, a great champion!


1st – Zahari Damyanov
2nd – Goderzi Kapanadze
3rd – Alejandro Navarro
4th – Oleksandr Ieromenko
Most Boards – Zahari Damyanov
Best Technique – Goderzi Kapanadze

Damyanov faced off against Shouhei Kamada in the quarter finals. It was over within 10 seconds as Damyanov scored an ippon with a beautiful jodan mawashi geri which rocked Kamada.

Next Damyanov up against Ieromenko in the semi finals. Damyanov was just too strong for Ieromenko taking in a good win.

Kapanadze was up against Nicolae Stoian in the quarter finals. Stoian was taking it to Kapanadze and pushing hard when Kapanadze executed a perfect back kick which floored Stoian giving Kapanadze the victory via ippon.

Next was the much anticipated match of Goderzi Kapanadze vs Alejandro Navarro. It was a slow start to the bout with both fighters taking time to feel each other out and giving each other a lot of respect. Kapanaze very close to scoring with head kicks and back kicks. First round ending in a draw. In the first extension Kapanadze kicks were just too strong and Navarro couldn’t go with it, leading to a 3-0 win for Kapandze.

Female Division

1st – Elena Vorobeva
2nd – Koto Hiraoka

1st – Julie Lamarre
2nd – Ekaterina Provkova

Yokozuna – Julie Lamarre
Most Spirited – Koto Hiraoka

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