Garry O’Neill to host Seminar in September

Have you ever watched Sensei Garry O’Neill fight and wondered how he constantly defeated opponents who were much heavier than him? Ever want to reproduce his moving, his weight transfer, his technique, his ring craft? Well here is your chance…

Sensei Garry O’Neill is hosting a training seminar Saturday 22nd September 2012 in Brisbane!!

This is a great chance to learn some of Sensei Garry’s philosophy and training techniques – having attended his sessions before – you walk away with a deeper understanding of technique and ways to improve your karate and striking in general. If you train in Kyokushin in Brisbane or any other form of karate or actually if you want to improve your moving or striking skills for any form of martial art you will really benefit from his seminar.

Further Information:

Spend the morning training with Sensei Garry O’Neill and learn new karate and fighting skills that will enhance all aspects of your karate.

Time: 8:30AM to 11:00 AM
Place: O’Neill Dojo, 146 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane
Cost: $25
Registration: via O’Neill dojo website –

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