Congratulations All Japan Weight winners!

Kyokushin Australia congratulates the winners of this year’s All Japan Weight Category Tournament in Osaka.

Additionally well done to all the Australian fighters who competed with strong heart in the tournament.

Please find results below:


1st: Onuma Takaichi

2nd: Kimura Naoya

3rd: Alexander Mikhaylov (Russia)

4th: Tanigawa Hiharu


1st: Mori Zenjyuro

2nd: Sawamura Yuuta

3rd: Takahashi Yuuta

4th: Takeoka Takuya

Light heavyweight

1st: Kobayashi Daiki

2nd: Kamada Shouhei

3rd: Murata Tatusya

4th: Higuchi Yoota

Super Heavyweight

1st: Arata Shouki

3rd: Sergei Uvitckii (Russia)

3rd: Araki Satoru

4th: Steven Cuijc (Australia)

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