29th All Japan Weight Category Tournament (2012) draw Released

The 29th All Japan Weight category Kyokushin tournament is to be held on 9th and 10th of June in Osaka.

This year sees a strong Australian contingent competing in the tournament with 9 fighters in total. Perhaps the largest amount of fighters ever in the tournament from Australia showing that Australia is starting to strengthen in Kyokushin.

Steven Cujic – Sydney (but located in Tokyo/Honbu now), Carlos Castro – Brisbane/Sydney, Shaune O’Farrell – Brisbane,  Hyota Sugihara – Sydney, Anthony Tockar – Sydney, Jorge Ibacache – Sydney, Alexander Molev – Sydney, Reece Henderson – Sydney and Pawel Ginalski – Sydney.

In addition to Shihan Tockar’s support, his fighters will be also be supported by Sensei Garry O’Neill who has been working with them over the past few months and no doubt will helping them deal with fighting in this type of tournament.

The draw has been released via this month’s issue of World Karate Magazine and is available below (please note files are a little large sorry):

29th All Japan Weight Tournament Draw



Light Heavyweight

Super Heavyweight

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