2009 World Cup Australian Team announced

The South Pacific team for the 2009 Shinkyokushin World Team Cup has been has been announced…

September 11, 2008 – Daniel Trifu posts on his website that the South Pacific team for the 2009 Shinkyokushin World Cup. Here is his blog post taken from http://trifudojo.com.au/?p=71.

Written by Daniel on September 11, 2008 – 12:43 pm -

The Team that will represent Australia and The South Pacific in June 2008 in the Full Contact Shin Kyokushin World Cup in St Petersburg Russia was announced
this week.

There will be six men and three women representing the South Pacific region Note the inclusion of all four of our fighters so congratulations to:

Ayumi Noguchi,Sonny Hoang,Francois Cointrel and Daniel Trifu. Sonny Hoang and Francois Cointrel representing the South Pacific in the
Male Middleweight division.

Sonny missed out on the last World Cup in a controversial decision. He put all that behind him and four years on he is in the team. Francois Cointrel used to train with our great Instructor Shihan Tokujun Ishi. In 1994 Shihan Ishi prepared Francois and Daniel Trifu to fight in the NSW state tournament. Then, Daniel won his division with a beautiful knock out and Francois came third in his division. Francois had a break from training until three years ago when he started training again at Trifu Dojo, so 14yrs ago was the last time Francois placed until this year when he won the NSW state tournament.

Ayumi Noguchi will be representing the South Pacific region in the Women’s Heavyweight division. Ayumi Noguchi is one of the favourites to win the World Cup after coming third in the 2005 World Cup that was held in Osaka. That is not her only great result, she is also a multiple Australian and Japanese Champion. She is fighting in her third consecutive World Cup. Note that the World Cup is a weight division competition while the World Tournament is an Open Weight competition. World Cups and World Tournaments are held every four years.

Next year in Russia, Daniel Trifu will be representing Australia for the 11th time. This will be his third consecutive World Cup. He is also the only non Japanese to fight in four consecutive World Tournaments. A member of the Australian team since 1994, he has taken part in all major events since with the exception of the 1997 World Cup when he just missed selection in a very controversial decision. One of the most experienced Kyokushin fighters in the World almost missed out taking part in the selection for next year’s World Cup after undergoing knee surgery a few months ago and also sustaining a very bad foot injury that made training and even walking very difficult. Next year will be Daniel’s 20th year in the Full Contact circuit. His first Full Contact tournament was in Romania in 1990.He fought every year since. He is a living proof of a long career in a discipline that is often perceived as just too brutal by some.


Male Open H/W
1st. Sam Gilbert
2nd. Daniel Trifu
3rd. Joel Bevan (reserve)

Female Open H/W

1st. Ayumi Noguchi
2nd. Zoom Beck (reserve)

Male Open M/W
1st. Sonny Hoang
2nd. Francois Cointrel

Female Open M/W

1st. Melissa M Mclean

Male Open L/W
1st. Yasunari Yahiro
2nd. Philip Kim
3rd. Mujtaba Ashrafi (reserve)

Female Open L/W

1st. Vanessa Mitchell
2nd. Jenny Lau (reserve)

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