Ewerton Teixeira makes 2008 K1 Final

Ewerton Teixeira makes 2008 K1 Grand Prix Final in his debut year. Read on for more….

At the recent K1 Seoul on the 27th of Sept, Ewerton defeated K1 veteran Musashi from Japan by decision to take his record to 5 wins and no losses. This win has put Ewerton Teixeira into the K1 grand prix final in Yokohama arena on December 6th. A marvelous result for his first year on the K1 circuit. Gaube Feitosa also fought but unfortunately lost to the K1 Amsterdam Champion, Errol Zimmermann from Holland. Erroll Zimmermann also advanced to the finals in Yokohama and will face Ewerton Teixeira in the first round. The K1 Grand Prix Final consists of this years 8 best fighters who have won regional tournaments and fights in order to qualify for the Grand Prix final held every December. In order to win, Ewerton will have to get through all three fights on the night. He’ll be competing with two ex Grand Prix Final winners, Peter Aerts and Remy Bonjasky. And also the current World Heavy Weight title holder, Badr Hari from Morroco.

Taken from http://www.kyokushinnews.com/

Ewerton Teixeira vs Musashi – K-1 WGP 2008 in Seoul

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