Post fight interview with Teixeira

Teixeira speaks after competing in the 2008 K-1 World Grand Prix Final

Ewerton Teixeira
Ewerton Teixeira after 2008 K-1 World Grand Prix Final

Q: What did you think of Zimmerman?

A: He was extremely tough. His punches were incredibly strong.

Q: When you were knocked down, were you badly hurt?

A: Yes, I was hurt at the time, but I feel I recovered quickly and was able to keep fighting.

Q: So now you have been knocked down in K-1, do you appreciate how dangerous and scary it can be?

A: Being knocked down didn’t make me feeling anything I didn’t already know. When I entered K-1 I was aware of just how tough it is, and I will continue to train and fight here.

Q: What did you learn in your preparation for this fight?

A: I think I learnt various things, particularly boxing. And from now I will learn many more. You can have high expectations for my future fights.

Q: Do you have a goal for the next year?

A: To be the Grand Prix Champion.

Q: Can you tell us in a little more detail about how you’d like to improve?

A: I have a lot of experience with the flow of kyokushin fights, but I don’t have that much with K-1. I think that is why I lost some stamina in the final round, and I was knocked down as a result of it. I need to get used to this, and I also want to really improve on the way I am landing my punches.

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