Russian picks for 9th World

As published on the Japanese Kyokushinkaikan website here is the Russian team and the top Russian fighters according to Honbu.

Lechi Kurbanov – 3rd World Weight Catagory Tournament – 2nd Super Heavyweight

Mikhail Kozlov -36th All Japan – 3rd Place

Darmen Sadvokasov – 23rd All Japan Weight – 3rd – Super Heavyweight

The 3 other fighters to watch, according to Honbu, are

Dmitry Runev

Andrey Stepin

Artem Pukas

Here is the complete Russian Team

Artur Unezhev(RNFKK)
Vladmir Kozhokhin (?? Honbu lists Vladmir and SuperKarate lists Zalim Temrokov)
Andrey Chirkov(RNFKK)
Sergey Nikishaev(RNFKK)
Alexey Bykov(RNFKK)
Ibragim Gogaev(RNFKK)
Sokrat Suleymanov(RNFKK)
Adlan Abzotov(RNFKK)
Khuseyn Elikanov(RNFKK) (Husein Elikhanov)
Lechi Kurbanov(RNFKK)
Rustam Unezhev(RNFKK)
Dmitry Lunev(FKKR)
Mikhail Kozlov(FKKR)
Darmen Sadvokasov(FKKR)
Igor Titkov(FKKR)
Sergey Uvitskiy(FKKR)
Evgeniy Shevnin(FKKR) [Evgeny]
Goderzi Kapanadze(FKKR) [Kapanaze]
Andrey Stepin(FKKR)
Nurmagamed Mamedov(FKKR)

Super Karate also lists for FKKR the following fighter

Artem Leonov

Honbu also lists

Artem Pukas(?????????)
Roman Vaytseshek(????????????)

But I am unsure what group they are with.

By the way….

Russian National Federation of Kyokushin Karate (Ipatov Alexandr Arkadyevich)


Federation of Kyokushinkai Karate Russia (Milikov Nikolai Nikolayevich)

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