41st All Japan Results

41st All Japan Open Results

1st – Tanaka Kentaro
2nd – Alejandaro Navarro
3rd – Akaishi Makoto
4th – Kidachi Hiroyuki
5th – Darmen Sadovokasov
6th – Beppu Yoshitatus
7th – Mori Zenjuro
8th – Eduardo Tanaka

Kyokushin Australia wishes to congratulate the 41st All Japan Open Karate Tournament champion, Tanaka Kentaro. The semi finals were Tanaka vs Kodachi and Akaishi vs Navarro with both Tanaka and Navarro getting through to the final. The final seeing Navarro lose with penatly for face punches – perhaps a unlucky afternoon for Navarro with an excellent display of his fighting skill over the past 2 days.

As for Sempai Steven Cujic, the only Australian fighter in the tournament, he fought well against Hiroki Kobayshi but was not lucky enough to get the judges decsision. However making it to the top 32 of the All Japan is agreat achievement for Steven and we are really excited about his next few years

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