Aussies in the IKO1 Worlds

How did the Aussies fair at this years 9th Kyokushin World Tournament (IKO1 Matsui) …

Photos coming soon!

Group A

#2 Balan Balasubramania vs #1 Ewerton Teixeira (188cm, 105kg, 25yo, 2nd Dan, Brazil)

Balan took the fight to Ewerton causing Ewerton to work harder than expected. Bal, however, lost to ippon via inside leg kick.

#43 Shaune O’Farell vs #43 Tatsuya Murata (172cm, 82kg, 25yo, 1st Dan, Japan)

Tough fight for Shaune with the smaller fighter, Murata, attacking constantly giving no room for the big Australia fighter to move. Judges decision for Murata 5-0.

Murata went on to beat one top Russian and Brazilian fighters to finish in the Top 8.

Block B

#53 Anthony Meola vs #54 Daniel Opazo (175cm, 81kg, 28yo, 1st Dan, Chile)

I missed this fight. However Anthony did not advance to day 2.

#88 Mark Claridge has bye first round

#88 Mark Claridge vs ???? in second round

Mark fought a good fight with a high work rate but just lacked the power to take out his apponent – a good overal fight that he should be happy with. Unfortunatly a loss at 0-5.

#95 Simon Kennedy vs #96 Kentaro Tanaka

Simon Kennedy being a late entry into the tournament may not have been expected to achieve, however he took the fight to Tanaka. Simon moved well and attacked at will. Tanaka continued to stalk, only throwing limited techniques. On the face of it it looked like a draw, but the judges saw it as 5-0 for Tanaka. It may have been that the judges thought Tanaka had more power in his attacks… who knows.

Block C

#106 Nathan Goodin has bye first round

#106 Nathan Goodin vs Claive Corderio (Brazil)

Corderio having increased in size since the last world tournament and coming off a top 8 finish in the America’s cup was going to be a tough fight for Nathan. The weight difference taking its toll on Nathan, not having enough weight behind him to inflict enought damanage. A good 2 minute introduction to international Kyokushin for Nathan. SDSD winning 5-0.

#140 John Whitford vs #139 Yoshiki Yumiba (178cm, 98kg, 29yo,1stDan, Japan)

Missed this fight but John did not advance to the 2nd Day.

Block D

#146 Luke Leonard – Due to sickness Luke was unable to fight.

#187 Steven Cujic vs #188 Freddy Dubois (178cm, 75kg, 27yo, 1sy Kyu, Seychelles)

Steven fought a good first round, dominating his apponent and taking out the fight 5-0.

#187 Steven Cujic vs ??? Second Round

Steven fought hard, but once again, the Australians lacked the power required to dominate the fight – loss 5-0.

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