Top 8 decided – American Open

Top 8 Mens and Top 4 Womens breaking boards

Top 8 has been decided of the men’s All American Kyokushin Open tournament as follows:

1. Alejandro Navarro (Spain)
4. Marcin Prachnio (Poland)
7. Nicolae Stoian (Romainia)
11. Goderzi Kapanadze (Russia)
12. Oleksandr Ieromenko (Ukraine)
15. Alexey Medvedev (Russia)
100. Shouhei Kamada (Japan)
22. Zahari Damyanov (Bulgaria)

Some great match ups to come, potentially a semi final between Navarro and Kapanadze, which will relive their last battle from last year’s World tournament where Kapanadze won through in an extension.

Also going strong still is the Japanese fighter, Shouhei Kamada, who is fighting well so far. How he will go against Damyanov in the next round only time will tell.

The women are down to the finals of the weight divisions:

Koto Hiraoka (USA) vs Elena Vorobeva (Russia)

Ekaterina Provkova (Russia) vs Julie Lamarre (Canada)

The winner of those fights will fight of for the women’s grand champion later in the day!

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