10th Worlds Selection Details

The selection details for the IKO1′s 10th World Tournament has been announced. This tournament introduced a new qualifying system which will lead to a much stronger tournament…

The 10th World Tournament of IKO1 will consist of 192 fighters from around the world. For this tournament, in order to ensure the best fighters in Kyokushin are present, the selection has been changed to have several qualifying tournaments with the best fighters from these tournaments gaining automatic selection for the 2011 World Tournament.

As usual, the top 8 fighters from the previous world tournament gain automatic selection to the 10th World Tournament. In addtion to this the top 8 fighters from each of the following tournaments will also gain selection:

42nd All Japan Open Weight Tournament, Tokyo – November 2010

European Open Tournament, Paris – March 2010

American’s Cup, New York – June 2010

The top 8 from last worlds and the top 8′s from the above will make up the top 32 fighters of the All Japan. These will be the seeded fighters of the 10th World Tournament. Kancho Matsui will also have discretion to invite other fighters as he sees fit.

The remaining 160 competitors will be made up from the following regions:

North America – 16

South America – 20

Asia & Middle East – 24

South Pacific – 16

Africa – 18

Russia – 22

Europe – 28

Japan – 16

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