Daniel Trifu

Daniel Trifu – Shinkyokushin

Competing in the 2009 Shinkyokushin World Cup, Daniel Trifu will be representing Australia for the 11th time. This will be his third consecutive World Cup. He is also the only non Japanese to fight in four consecutive World Tournaments. A member of the Australian team since 1994, he has taken part in all major events since with the exception of the 1997 World Cup when he just missed selection in a very controversial decision. One of the most experienced Kyokushin fighters in the World almost missed out taking part in the selection for next year’s World Cup after undergoing knee surgery a few months ago and also sustaining a very bad foot injury that made training and even walking very difficult. Next year will be Daniel’s 20th year in the Full Contact circuit. His first Full Contact tournament was in Romania in 1990.He fought every year since. He is a living proof of a long career in a discipline that is often perceived as just too brutal by some.

Tournament History

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2009 World Team Cup

Training History

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