2008 K-1 World GP results and videos

The FieLDs K-1 World GP 2008 results and videos of all fights, including how Kyokushin's Ewerton Teixeira faired on the night…

The 2008 K-1 Grand Prix had everything – great fights, great spirit, and a little controversy to add up to, most certainly, this year's best K-1 event.

With this year's event being broadcast live in HD in America for the first time it will be interesting to see the reaction of the American viewers to K-1 with Boxing and UFC dominating the market there. Hopefully they will be able to overlook the controversy of this years event and concentrate on the great fights.

Fuji TV introduced a number of technical innovations for this tournament, including high-speed cameras for ultra slow- motion replays. Joining regular K-1 English-language commentator Michael Schiavello ringside was be popular(?) Bahamian- American mixed martial arts fighter Kimbo Slice. Also joining Schiavello during the night was former champion Ernesto Hoost and New Zealand Ray Sefo.

The first quarter final fight of the night was Badr Hari vs Peter Aerts. Aerts had beaten Semmy Schilt in Seoul to qualify for this event in what some considered a godsend for the ratings. Schilt being considered by some, the worst champion ever, lacking the charisma needed to boost K-1's ratings. Badr defeated Hong Man Choi at the same event.

Badr entered the stadium with all fired up by his coach – he was ready for action. Aerts, on the other hand, looked quite relaxed… little did he know what Hari was about to unleash on him…

Quarter Final 1 – Badr Hari vs Peter Aerts

Next on the card was Ichigeki's Ewerton Teixeira vs Errorl Zimmerman. Teixeira defeated Japan's Musashi to gain a spot in the WGP Final with this being his first year in K-1 it has been an amazing run. Teixeira chose Zimmerman at the drawing believing that Zimmerman would be a better match rather than facing Hari or Aerts.

Teixeira dominated the first round scoring with low kicks and countering well. Showing that he has improved dramatically can only bring better things for Teixeira in 2009.

Quarter Final 2 – Ewerton Teixeira vs Errol Zimmerman 1 of 2

Quarter Final 2 – Ewerton Teixeira vs Errol Zimmerman 2 of 2

With the first semi final now decided Badr Hari vs Errorl Zimmerman then next quarter final was between Ruslan Karaev and Gokhan Saki. Each of them knew that they would face either Le Banner or Bonjasky in their next match.

Ruslan went in as the favorite for the match but he is known for getting caught up in swinging matches so the opportunity for Saki to catch him was there.

Quarter Final 3 – Ruslan Karaev vs Gokhan Saki 1 of 2

Quarter Final 3 – Ruslan Karaev vs Gokhan Saki 2 of 2

The fourth quarter final was the much anticipated match up between Jerome Le Banner and Remy Bonjasky. Jerome maybe fighting his final night in K-1 with mention of this possible retirement next year, however Le Banner on the night seemed to be in the best physical shape of the last few years.

During the drawing night Bonjasky choose the last spot which landed him with Jerome Le Banner which was a suprise to some. In and interview following Bonjasky commented that it was a mixup : "Actually, it was a miscommunication with my trainer. He said to choose Ruslan Karaev, Gokhan Saki, or Ewerton Teixeira. Yet, I could not hear him well because of the noise. I thought he said do not go to Ruslan Karaev, so I went to the open space.

These two fighters have a score to settle: two years ago, they faced one another in Holland, and although Remy won the fight, Le Banner challenged the decision and later was awarded the win.

Quarter Final 4 – Jerome Le Banner vs Remy Bonjasky 1 of 2

Quarter Final 4 – Jerome Le Banner vs Remy Bonjasky 2 of 2

The first of the semi finals was Badr Hari vs Errol Zimmerman with Hari fighting well as expected. The second round saw the crowd in shock as Zimmerman knocked Hari down with a straight right. Although downed Hari, appeared to not be overly effected. Hari completed the round aggressivly leading to a downing of Zimmerman with a right hook. Zimmerman commented after the fight that he was happy with his performance and looking forward to the coming year.

Semi Final 1 – Errol Zimmerman VS Badr Hari 1 of 2

Semi Final 1 – Errol Zimmerman VS Badr Hari 2 of 2

The second semi final saw Gokhan Saki vs Remy Bonjasky. Gakhan with great boxing ability was very tentitive in the first round with Remy countering well but not landing anything considerable. The second round saw the fans on their feet with a flying kick off the ropes from Bonjasky that left Gakhan on the mat in what appeared to be considerable pain.

Semi Final 2 – Remy Bonjasky VS Gokhan Saki

The K-1 World GP Final was a great match up with the young Badr Hari against the experienced Remy Bonjasky. Both exciting fighters the crowd were anticipating a great find. The first round saw each fight sizing each other up with Hari landing serveral jabs. Bonjasky, half way through the round, landing a left which saw Hari go down. The first round ended with the bell and Hari still boxing on, Remy raising his hands in disbelief.

The second round Badr Hari, down on points, exploded and had Bonjasky on the back foot. As Bari attacked, Remy defended with a kick which Bari caught and ended up throwing Remy to the mat. With Remy on the mat Badr continued to attack with punches and eventually a foot stomp to the head. The referee, Nobuaki Kakuda, forcebly having to wrestle Hari off Bonjasky.

Initially Badr Hari was shown a yellow card however after continued verbal attacks on Bonjasky and his trainers and the doctors reporting that Bonjasky could not continue, he was given a red card and disqualified.

Final – Remy Bonjasky VS Badr Hari 1 of 2

Final – Remy Bonjasky VS Badr Hari 2 of 2

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