Emin article – Taylor’s final words

John Taylors final words on the Eddie Emin Arcitle and Cameron Quinns comments….

Email as sent by John Taylor

rom John Taylor < shihantaylor@ozemail.com.au >
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date Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 9:41 PM
subject Many thanks


Dear Kyokushin Members, Osu

I would like to thank the many hundreds of you who sent emails in support of Sosai against the outrageous claims by Eddie Emin. I am sure he would be proud of the fact that even though (rightly or wrongly) many of us are at loggerheads with each other, we can put our differences aside to support Sosia’s reputation and greatness and that we still feel the need to remember what a great person and the great Karate Master he was and I hope that I am not taking too much upon myself and not seen as arrogant and it is not really my place to do so, I would like to thank you on his behalf.

It is rather sad that the only people who have not seen fit to condemn Emin is the executives of the Karate Union who have the power to have Emin apologies and to retract the statement, but are silent on the issue. It is also sad that Kuristina Oyama who claims she is the rightful leader of the Kyokushin has also been silent, which is very very sad simply because it is her father that as been maligned and I would have thought she would have been the first to jump in to defend his good name and reputation. It may be that she is being controlled by Cameron Quinn who actually supports Emin as he indicated in a previous email which you may recall I forwarded to you and Kuristina puts more value on Quinn’s support than her fathers good name! Now! Quinn claims that Emin is just a silly old man and I quote from Quinn’s email he sent to one of my students.

“We do not want to inflame people to hate an 84 year old man that Sosai loved very dearly because his memory is not quite what it used to be. That is not really in the spirit of Kyokushin. The incident he mentioned, fighting Sosai, was in fact accurate except for the Sosai part. :) It was Shigeo Kato Shihan, not Sosai”

Yes Mr. Quinn and there really is a “Santa Clause” and if Eddie Emin is 85 then that must make me 75… My! how time flies.. Regardless of his Emin’s age he still has all his facilities intact, he runs his dojo, teaches classes every day and while what he said might have been stupid, no one is saying that Eddie Emin is stupid, except, perhaps for Mr. Quinn.

Many of you have ask how to get a copy of the November issue in which Emin makes these outrageous claims, it can be done, is certainly well worth reading as I have only touched upon the highlights of what he actually said,, so I would encourage all of you to obtain a copy either by phone or at (within Australia) 03-9574 8460 or (International) +61-3-9574 8460 or on the net at http://emag.sportzblitz.net/

Kind regards
John Taylor

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