Shinkyokushin 9th World Results/Photos

The Shinkyokushin 9th World Tournament has come to an end. Read on for results and photos…

Shin Kyokushin 9th World Tournament Winners 2007


1. Takayuki Tsukakoshi (Japan)
2. Donatas Imbras (Lithuania)
3. Valeri Dimitrov (Bulgaria)
4. Roman Nesterenko (Russia)
5. Maxim Shevchenko (Russia)
6. Darius Gudauskas (Lithuania)
7. Norichika Tsukamoto (Japan)
8. Denis Grigoriev (Russia)

Fighting Spirit Award : Vasiliy Khudiakov (Russia)
Technical Award : Valeri Dimitrov (Bulgaria)
Tameshiwari Award : Maxim Shevchenko (Russia)


The news in Japan after the first day was the shock loss of Japanaese fighters. Leading into the final day there were only 6 Japanese fighters remaining. (From – Yahoo News)


[Day 2] Darius takes out previous champion Suzuki
Darius Gudauskas vs Suzuki Shinkyokushin

[Day 2] Tsukamoto vs Nesterenko
Norichika Tsukamoto vs Roman Nesterenko Shinkyokushin 2007

[Day 2] Tsukakoshi defeats Grigoriev in Quarter Final
Takayuki Tsukakoshi vs Denis Grigoriev

[Day 2] Tsukakoshi defeats Dimitrov in Semi Final
Takayuki Tsukakoshi vs Valeri Dimitrov

[Day 2] Final match – Imbras loosing out to Tsukakoshi
Takayuki Tsukakoshi vs Donatas Imbras

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