Aussies in the Shinkyokushin Worlds

How did the Aussies fair in this year’s Shinkyokushin World Tournament….

As I can get more information I will post it – but here is some starting information for you. Looks like the Aussies couldn’t beat round 2 – although with some tough extensions – will be interesting to see what the video shows up.

Sam Gilbert

Round 1 Sam Gilbert defeats Kim Holm (Denmark)

Round 2 Vladimir Artyushin (Kazakhstan) (ext. 3-0) Sam Gilbert

Daniel Trifu

Round 1 Daniel Trifu defeats Anar Jafarov (Azerbaijan)

Round 2 Denis Griegoriev (Russia) 5-0 Daniel Trifu

Yasunari Yahiro

Round 1 Yasunari Yahiro defeats Kostyantyn Kryvorotenko (Ukraine)

Round 2 Ko Tanigawa (Japan) (ext2. 5-0) Yasunari Yahiro

Terence Ozorio

Round 1 Terence Ozorio defeats Dominik Frick (Lichtenstein)

Round 2 Maxim Shevchenko (Russia) (ext. 5-0) Terence Ozorio

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