Aussies face tough road at World Tournament

A tough road await the Australian Fighters at the World Tournament this year, while the New Zealanders have a slightly smoother path… read on for more details….

Australian fighters, Luke Leonard and Balan Balasubramaniam have drawn 2 of the seeded fighters at the 9th World Tournament, Arthur Hovhannisyan and Ewerton Teixeira.

Arthur & Ewerton

Pictured here at 2007 Ichigeki Brazil (Teixeira winning in that match up).

With 2 of the Australian fighters facing top 8 seeds in the first round it looks like the best placed fighters for Australia are Mark Claridge and Nathan Goodin. They have a bye in the first round and can meet top 8 seeds in the fourth fight.

New Zealand on the other hand has been given a great draw. For some reason, 5 out of their 8 fighters have been give a bye in the first round. Also none of their fighters face a top 8 seed, although Kepiera Peita will face a tough first round against Andrey Stepin.


Group A
#2 Balan Balasubramania vs #1 Ewerton Teixeira (188cm, 105kg, 25yo, 2nd Dan, Brazil)

#43 Shaune O’Farell vs #43 Tatsuya Murata (172cm, 82kg, 25yo, 1st Dan, Japan)

Block B
#53 Anthony Meola vs #54 Daniel Opazo (175cm, 81kg, 28yo, 1st Dan, Chile)

#88 Mark Claridge has by first round

Block C
#106 Nathan Goodin has bye first round

#140 John Whitford vs #139 Yoshiki Yumiba (178cm, 98kg, 29yo,1stDan, Japan)

Block D
#146 Luke Leonard vs #145 Arthur Hovhannisyan (185cm, 100kg, 32yo, 3rd Dan, Armenia)

#187 Steven Cujic vs #188 Freddy Dubois (178cm, 75kg, 27yo, 1sy Kyu, Seychelles)

New Zealand

Block A
#9 Jack Tuhega has bye first round
#33 Mikaere Peita has bye first round

Block B
#63 Scott Johnson has bye first round

Block C
#118 Kevin Mamber has a bye first round
#128 Troy Freeman vs #127 Eder de Gama (175cm, 83kg, 25yo, 2nd Kyu, Brazil)

Block D
#149 Warren Gabb vs #150 Julio Nascimento (178cm, 83kg, 34yo, 1st Dan, Brazil)

#170 Kepiera Peita vs #169 Andrey Stepin (183cm, 102kg, 25yo, 2nd Dan, Russia)

#178 Eddie Ta Ahu has bye first round

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