Simon Kennedy

Simon Kennedy - Australian Kyokushin fighter

Simon Kennedy under IKO1/Matsui has been Australia’s number one fighter for the past 5 years. However with no participation in the 2007 Australian Nataionals it could mean retirement for this legendary fighter.

Tournament History

Note this section is incomplete.

2007 9th World Tournament
2005 3rd World Weight Category Championships – Heavyweight
2003 8th World Tournament – Competitor
2003 Australian Nationals – 1st (Open Weight)
2003 New Zealand Nationals – 1st (Heavyweight)
2002 South Pacific Tournament/Australian Natioanls – 1st (Open Weight)
2002 2nd World Team Cup – South Pacific Team (Simon won from 2 fights)
2001 Australian Nationals – 1st (Open Weight)
2001 2nd World Weight Category Championships – Heavyweight
1998 Australian Nationals – 2nd (Middleweight)
1997 Australian Nationals – 2nd (Middleweight)

Training History

This section is incomplete


This section is incomplete

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