2007 Australian Nationals Results

The 2007 Australian Nationals were held on 17th June at the Gymea Trade Union Club, Sydney.

Photos can be seen at the Cujic Kyokushin website – http://www.cujickyokushin.com/events/Nationals2007.php


Mens Open
1st Place Steven Cujic
2nd Place John Whitford
3rd Place Nathan Goodin
4th Place Mohamad Charafeddine

Womens Lightweight Novice
1st Place Sara Veal

Mens Lightweight Novice
1st Place John-Jo Ritson
2nd Place Soon Chong

Mens Hevyweight Novice
1st Place Grant Stephens

Lightweight Colts
1st Place Dane Powell

Middleweight Colts
1st Place George Koutsabaris

Female 13-15 Years
1st Place Chiquita Coombes
2nd Place Jane Aslanidis

Junior Kata
1st Place Chiquita Coombes
2nd Place Dane Powell

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