South Pacific Team for 9th World Tournament

The Australian and New Zealand teams were announced on 3rd July.

The Australian team selection being based on the recent Australian National Tournament (17th June).

Steven Cujc, John Whitford and Shaune O’Farrell lead up the Australian team with previous international experience. New Zealand are feilding a strong team with Troy Freeman, Warren Gabb, Kapira Pieta, Eddie Ta Ah, Lydon Pehi and Jack Tuhega all having fought in the World Tournament before.

Notable absence from the Australian team is Simon Kennedy (official reserve) who is one of the most experienced Australian fighters.

Team Members Australia:
Steven Cujic
John Whitford
Nathan Goodin
Mohamad Charafeddine
Anthony Meola
Balan Balasubramaniam
Shaune O’Farrell
Luke Leonard

Team Members New Zealand:
Warren Gabb
Kapira Pieta
Troy Freeman
Eddie Te Ahu
Lyndon Pehi
Mikaere Pieta
Jack Tuhega
Kevin Maker

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